Braces Aren’t Just For Teenagers

Many people are shocked to find out that my 8 year old son already has braces. But the truth is, I had no choice. He has been visiting the orthodontist since his teeth started falling out. As his adult teeth grew in we quickly realized we were in it for the long haul at the orthodontist. I was surprised to find out that the recommendation for a first visit to the ortho is age 7! I was 14 when I first started going.  And it’s not just so the orthodontist himself can make a few  extra bucks. It really is beneficial to get an x-ray and evaluate how everything is coming in. Most othodontic practices offer free evaluations up until braces are put on. Our ortho did free evaluation for two years! In my sons case, and now my daughters, there are quite a few interventions they can do now at a young age to avoid major problems later on. For instance, my children have severe overcrowding problems that their teeth are growing in behind each other and on top of each other! This creates problem with inflammation of the gums and infection, as well as more invasive care later on to straighten out the teeth. I hope they offer a family discount!

Are you wondering where to begin?

First, visit with your regular dentist and see what he/she thinks. In our case, our dentist recommended we see the ortho at his regular cleaning visit.

Next, check with your insurance provider and see what they will cover. If no insurance is available, talk to your orthodontist about a payment plan.  In general, most orthodontist off interest free, flexible payment plans. And it is so worth it!

Find an orthodontist you like, or ask for recommendations. Browse the web. Most orthodontist have websites now a days, so visit their company page, gather your information and read as many reviews as you can.

Then make an appointment, and from there your orthodontist will set a up a treatment plan. Whether or not you have concerns about your child’s teeth, it doesn’t hurt to make a quick appointment for an evaluation. I am so glad we are already on the path to beautiful smiles!

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