Halloween – It’s Never Too Early To Get Ready

Ok, while Halloween doesn’t rank as one of my favorite holidays that I look forward to each year, it does rank well for my kids.  Second only to Christmas, which is unbeatable, Halloween is right up there on my kid’s list of favorite holidays.  For young kids who have a vivid imagination there is something incredibly magical about picking your favorite super hero, movie character, princess, or scary monster and getting into full costume for a night of running around the neighborhood.  Oh yeah, I think the giant bags of candy may have something to do with the enthusiasm kids have for Halloween.

So when is it too early to start planning for Halloween?  At my house… never.  All year long my kids are telling me what they want to be for Halloween this year.  It doesn’t hurt for parents to start thinking ahead about Halloween early either.  It usually pays to plan ahead for decorations and especially costumes.  I’ve seen some ridiculous pricing for costumes.  Last year I saw a transformer costume going for almost $3,000!

That being said, when you find a good online costume site, bookmark it.  There are plenty of websites out there selling costumes, here’s a pretty good one I’ve found.  Let me know your favorites.


Kids Halloween Costumes – They’ve got a huge selection of kids Halloween costumes from disney characters, barbie, pirates, superhero’s, and more.  Too many to list here.

Adult Halloween Costumes – Plenty of themes to choose from and a good variety of sizes available for all of you adults that are still kids at heart.

Pet Costumes – A little overboard in my mind but I know there are plenty of pet lovers out there.  They have all kinds of costumes you can check out yourself when you have the time.

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