April 8, 2012 What’s Happens On This Day?

April 8, 2012 What’s Happens On This Day?

If you have to think about the answer to this question then chances are, you are not ready for Easter this year.  You’re probably thinking, “who doesn’t know what day is Easter Sunday?”.  Well, you would be surprised.  I speak mostly for men, who tend to lose track of any significant date, but we could through a few women into that category too.

For most people, Easter is a pretty simple and basic holiday.  If you have kids then going with the normal list of Easter activities will work just fine:

– Boil some eggs and grab a few inexpensive painting kits to paint some eggs.

– Pick up a few baskets and stuff them with that annoying plastic stuff.

– Make sure you get plenty of candy and put them in the old plastic eggs.

That’s pretty much it, right?  The kids will have a blast for sure.

For those of you out there with a special girl or man in your life that you really need to impress.  Or if you’re in the dog house for some reason… you may need to go all out.  To make it easy, just find a nice Easter gift basket.  Your loved one will go crazy for it and eat it up, literally 🙂

There are probably a million places to go.  Here is one site that has some pretty impressive looking baskets.  Check out their Easter Gifts

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