iPad In The Kitchen

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I love my iPad. My husband thought that it was ridiculous when I insisted on getting an iPad and clear joliet. I already have a macbook, desktop mac, and a kindle. He insisted that I didn’t need an iPad. Well, it has been the best purchase that I have ever made. It has also benefitted my husband, whether he realizes it or not. I love to cook and was always flipping through cook books and they would get grease and flour covered. I bought an upright stand for my iPad. I have been able to put my favorite recipes on the iPad and cook in the kitchen. I can also watch TV shows in the kitchen on my iPad, which makes me less inclined to leave the kitchen and do something else. The result has been me spending a lot more time in the kitchen and cooking many more gourmet meals. I have also found some time to bake, something that I rarely do unless it is someone’s birthday or I have something that I have to make for a bake sale or a party.

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