Clean Online Gaming For Kids

O.k. I’m going to come out and confess that as a mother of 3 young kids I am not a gamer.  I don’t know what the most popular games are.  I don’t know what games are fun for the different age groups. No surprise right? But I do have an interest on this topic because my oldest child has taken a liking to video games, as most you boys do.  We really limit how much he can play but we do let him get on the Wii or the computer once or twice a week to play video games.

That being said, I have a real interest in making sure that the gaming sites that we allow him to go to do not have filthy games, and more importantly filthy advertising.  I’m shocked at the advertising you find on some of these websites that target young kids as well as older gamers.  So any chance I get to promote a clean, online gaming site that I have found, I will.

The website, offers free online games.  And most importantly, no trashy advertising!

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