Here are some great books that go along with a lady bug theme:


First, here is a really cute bug to use as you are reading these books

Ladybug puppet

The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle

This is the story of a lady bug who picks fights with different animals throughout the whole story, and each animal gets bigger and bigger. She starts with another ladybug, and ends with a whale. The author does a good job of including a variety of animals, and very creatively uses the concept of telling time.

Ten little Ladybugs, by Melanie Gerth

The focus of this book is counting backwards, and includes colorful pictures, and three dimensional ladybugs. As you turn the pages, there is one less ladybug on each page, which helps children visually see subtraction. There is great use of rhyming as well.

Are you a Ladybug? by Judy Allen

A very simple, easy to understand description of the life of a ladybug.

The very lazy Ladybug, by Isobel Finn

This is a great interactive book. A tired ladybug tries to find new places to sleep. He tries several different animals, and finds them all to be too bouncy, noisy or dizzy. This book is full of pop-ups and colorful illustrations.


Here are some links to some great ladybug crafts

ladybug headband

Paper Bowl Ladybug

Paper plate Ladybug


Five little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs sitting in a tree

The first one said,” I’m glad I’m me”

The second one said, “I feel great too”

The third one said,” How about you?”

The fourth one said,” It’s time to fly away”

The fifth one said,” We’ll talk another day”

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