Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike

All children want to learn how to ride a bike, but not all parents want to teach their children to ride! Teaching a child to ride a bike is time consuming and frustrating for both parents and children. Children often don’t understand the concept of balance well enough to master a bicycle, especially when their feet can’t even reach the ground! Parents end up relying on training wheels which not only do not help children learn to balance, but actually provide a false sense of security. After all, the end goal is for the training wheels to come off! When that time comes, though, very few children have actually learned how to ride their bikes.

The Strider Balance Bike is a toddler balance bike unlike any other. The folks at Strider understand that children learn balance and coordination best when they don’t also have to worry about pedaling. Hence, this bike has no pedals! Children learn to ride by propelling the bike with their feet. As they gain confidence and their natural balancing skills show themselves, they keep their feet off the ground for longer and longer periods of time. Before they (and you) know it, they are resting their feet on Strider’s integrated foot rest and coasting along, perfectly balanced!

Unlike other toddler balance bikes, the Strider Balance Bike is designed for children as young as 1. According to the company, if your child can walk, he can ride a Strider. Kids almost instinctively want to ride a bike – to be just like the big kids. With Strider, your child can get to that point years sooner than without it. Because pedaling is a secondary skill when bike riding (with balance being the primary skill needed), learning the balancing first makes pedaling simply the next step. No longer does a child have to master all of the new skills at once.

Why The Strider Balance Bike is so Great.

  • The Strider Balance Bike is easy to assemble right out of the box.
  • Parents need only insert, adjust, and tighten the seat, wheels, and handlebars.
  • There are no pedals to attach and no chain to lube.
  • The company promises that assembly will only take five minutes. The result, however, will last for years.
  • The Strider Balance Bike is the only pre-two wheeler bike your child will ever need.
  • You will never have to buy scooters, tricycles, or training wheels. Because the seat adjusts from 11 to 16 inches, your child can enjoy his Strider even after he has successfully transitioned to a two wheeler.

The Strider Balance Bike comes in six different colors. Even the wheels are customizable, coming in eight different colors. The seat, too, can be color coordinated. Your Strider is made just for you. With a two year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by buying a Strider, apart from your child’s fear of falling off his bike!


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