Smart Gear Balance Bike

An educated consumer is a good company’s best friend. When a consumer takes the time to research options, evaluate opinions, and weigh cost versus benefit, good companies always win. Smart Gear Balance Bikes are no different. If you know anything at all about toddler balance bikes, you already know you want one. Once you learn about Smart Gear, you’ll know that’s where you are going to buy one.

Smart Gear Balance Bike knows that not all toddlers are created equal. They don’t look the same, act the same, or have the same preferences. It follows, then, that they offer more choices in toddler balance bikes than any other company. You are sure to find your child’s balance bike when you shop Smart Gear.

While traditional “first bikes” have pedals and, often, training wheels, toddler balance bikes don’t have either. Instead, the bicycle is a frame with two wheels. That’s why even a toddler can ride it! With no pedals, there is no need to have already mastered both balance and coordination (two things that most toddlers don’t have). Instead, a toddler straddles the bike, sits on the seat, puts his feet on the ground and walks. The bike moves, he has the opportunity to experience the sensation of keeping his balance, and he gains confidence. The more confidence he gains, the faster he is willing to go, and the faster he goes, the sooner he will be able to lift up his feet and coast.

Smart Gear Balance Bikes are smart for many reasons. They are lightweight, allowing even young children to manage them with ease. They are environmentally sound, with no lead, BPA, formaldehyde, or toxic elements of any kind. Even the carton they come in is made from recycled paper. They are even made from birch wood. You know that the this bike is good for the environment, but it is also best for your child.

Why Smart Gear Makes a Great Toddler Balance Bike

  • Smart Gear Balance Bikes are completely flexible. Children up to 60 pounds can ride them, but children as young as two can as well.
  • With a seat that adjusts from 13.5-17.5 inches, the Smart Gear bike is one of the best toddler balance bikes either for growing in to, or for sharing between siblings.
  • With real, inflatable rubber tires, your child is safe riding this bike. When the spokeless wheels are combined with a limited steering capacity, your child’s safety is enhanced.
  • With no pedals, chains, gears, or spokes, your toddler’s fingers are safe with this bike!

Smart Gear Balance Bikes are, simply, the best way to get your child riding a bike fast. Gone are the days when Mom or Dad has to run alongside a traditional two wheeler, letting go at some point and letting their child wobble back and forth before falling and trying again. Gone are the days of cumbersome and largely useless training wheels which don’t teach children how to ride a bike: they teach children how to ride a bike with training wheels! Instead, Smart Gear Balance Bike owners are the proud parents of toddlers who learn how to ride a bike by themselves, giving them the confidence and security to move to two wheelers much sooner than their non-toddler balance bike riding friends.

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