Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Sometimes in life, simpler really is better. This sentiment especially rings true when talking about toys. Parents have always noticed that their kids play just as happily with a cardboard box or a saucepan and a wooden spoon as they do with expensive and complicated toys. In fact, the wise parent is one who realizes after her first child that a minimalist approach to toys is not only more cost-effective, it’s just easier. Enter toddler balance bikes.

Little kids want to learn how to ride a bike. The idea is simple: they want to be just like their big brother, sister, or next door neighbor. Unfortunately, their desire to learn does not always correspond to their readiness. Riding a two wheeler takes patience, balance, and coordination. Few toddlers have any of these qualities, to say nothing of having all three. What they do have is the will to learn! Finally, there is a great product that will let them learn to do what they long for: ride a bike. The only difference is that with this product, a toddler’s desire matches up perfectly with his ability!

Reasons To Buy The Prince LionHeart Balance Bike

  • A Prince Lionheart Balance Bike teaches your child the skills he will need in order to ride a two wheeler.
  • Unlike traditional “first bikes,” this toddler balance bike does not rely on training wheels, which provide a false sense of security and don’t teach the one thing kids absolutely have to learn in order to ride a bike: balance!
  • The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike does not have pedals. Instead, it uses your child’s natural walking ability in order to move the bike forward. By “walking” while astride the bike, even the youngest toddler can ride this bike.
  • As a child becomes more confident and comfortable on the bike, he can move to lifting his feet for longer and longer periods, resulting in a coast in which the child is perfectly balanced. If he at any time feels unsafe, he can just put his feet down and stop the bike!

Prince Lionheart Balance Bikes are superior to other toddler balance bikes in their construction. With a 100% birch frame, solid rubber handgrips, an adjustable padded seat, and 12” rubber tires, this toddler bike is not only perfect for your child; it’s perfect for you, too. With almost no assembly and with no moving parts that need to be lubricated or guarded against toddler injury, it just doesn’t get any easier than the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike!

In order to ride this bike, all a child has to do is sit astride and use her feet to walk the bike at a comfortable pace. As she learns, she will become more and more excited about her ability to ride. She will go faster and faster, eventually gaining enough speed and confidence to lift her feet and coast. In fact, chances are good that your child will love this bike so much that he will want to continue playing with it even after he graduates to a two wheeler!

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