Time to Get Creative

Who knew you could order your own official looking street/safety signs? I always imagined that there would be some city or county employee tucked away in a cramped cubicle that would have to approve these sorts of things. But no! You can order these kinds of signs right from your own computer!! You can order everything from traffic signs, street signs, and road signs to parking signs, safety signs and property signs- and pretty much everything in between. I liked how everything was customizable too. Here are a few ways to use customizable signs:

  • Parking spaces at work. You customize these to be humerous. They would also be  funny to use at home.
  • Marking property.  Anything from tools to land.
  • Safety. Making others aware of dangers, cautions, electricity levels, biohazrds etc.
  • Parking signs. Make Handicapped, reserved, no parking, and other parking restrictions, such as time, known.
  • Recreation. Use signs to let people know rules for the courts, or times they are avaiable. No swimming , running or diving signs as well.
  • Humerous. Customize your sign with a little humor. Maybe a biohazard sign for your child’s messy room or a street name sign using a last name….Johnson Lane or Smith Circle.

The possibilities are truly endless. So get creative!

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