Invisalign VS Braces For Kids

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By now you have probably seen or heard of Invisalign orthodontist products.  They are the thin clear aligners that look like a really thin mouth guard.  The are an alternative to traditional fixed braces.

These new Invisalign aligners are becoming more and more popular for a handfull of reasons.

  • They are clear.  They just don’t stick out as much as big metal things on you teeth would.  This is one reason they are very popular with adults and teens.
  • One thing that their own website doesn’t list as a positive is that the Invisalign aligner a great for athletes that don’t want to worry about their mouth being ripped to shreds if a ball or something hits them in the mouth. I’ve recently seen a lot of professional athletes wearing these aligners.
  • They are removable so you are not limited in the type of food you can eat or the ways that you can care for your teeth.

Those are really the three main benefits of these new type of teeth aligners.  I don’t think there is any conclusive evidence out there yet that suggests that Invisalign aligners cost less or are faster at fixing a crooked smile.  But at least the pricing seems comparable to fixed braces. Which is good because that means you have a choice!

The big question I’m concerned with on this site is wether or not I would recommend them for my kids.  That’s really going to vary from case to case.  You need to take into consideration that because they are removable they can be lost.  But if you way that against the positives it looks like they should at least be considered in many cases.  Feel free to gather more info to help you make your decision.

I know a few folks in Austin, TX so here’s a good place to go to get an evaluation for Invisalign braces in Austin.

Wether you go with braces or Invisalign is up to you.  Just do something.  Crooked teeth can really do a number on a kids confidence.

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