Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

It’s an interesting question.  One that, just a few years ago, wasn’t really even up for debate.  It used to be considered “crazy” not to have insurance for yourself or your family.  But as the economy has struggled lately this question is resurfacing in more and more homes.  The shift is taking place for a number of reasons:

  1. Companies are not quite as generous with the health benefits that they offer their employees.
  2. Health insurance premiums, co-pays, etc. continue to rise.
  3. Differing opinions about what the government plans to do concerning health care mandates and coverage is causing confusion and lack of confidence in health care coverage in general. ( See the governments spin on this topic at )
  4. The growing sentiment: “Why pay for insurance? If I have a life-threatening condition the hospital has to treat me and if the bill is too large for me to ever pay back I’ll file a bankruptcy.”

There are probably many reasons for why more and more families are going without health care but these four reasons stand out above the others.  Because consumers opinions about health care are shifting, so are the health insurance companies.  High deductible plans are being pushed more by insurance companies and other unique coverage options are emerging such as Short Term Health Insurance.  I would love to hear any opinions on this topic.  Have any of you found that going without insurance works for you and your family?

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