3 Helpful Hints When Choosing a Pediatrician

There are many reasons you may be looking for a new pediatrician from expecting a new baby to just wanting a new one. Just this past year I wasn’t happy with the pediatrician we had been seeing and I found myself searching for a new one. I quickly found it can be an overwhelming experience, so I compiled a list of some helpful hints when choosing a pediatrician.

Ask Around

Ask a trusted family member or friend which one they use and whether they are happy with their experience. For me personally, getting a recomendation from someone else who has used that doctor is the biggest deciding factor when I make a decision like this. Especially if you are new in an area and don’t know any doctors in the area. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like, or about specific experiences. Sometimes the best advertising comes by word of mouth.  On a recent trip to Texas, we found ourselves needing a pediatrician after our son came down with pink eye. Luckily, a relative was able to recomend the best Austin pediatrician and he was brand new in no time. I was so relieved that I had a trusted recomendation before we even made our appointment.

Visit the Office

Visit the office and set up an appointment to visit with the pediatrician you are interested in. Many clinics are happy to set up a consultation appointment. You could even request to take a tour of the clinic. Look around the office and take mental notes. Is it clean? Is the staff friendly? Is it organized and run efficiently. Is it child friendly?

Be Prepared

Prepare a list of questions you may have when you go to your consultation.

Here are some sample questions:

  • Do you have an after hours clinic for emergencies?
  • Is this a group practice, or will you be seeing different providers at different visits?
  • Are there seperate waiting rooms for sick and well patients?
  • What are you cancellation polocies?
  • How often do you recomend well child visits?
  • What do you do at a typical well child visit?

These are just a few questions you may want to ask. Think of any specific questions you may have, and prepare a list for your visit.

Whatever your reason is for needing a new pediatrician, do your research and trust your instinct.

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