Where Have All The Coupons Gone?

Since the financial crisis started to really hit this country hard in 2008 the number of consumers taking advantage of coupons has been on the rise.  Frugal minded shoppers across the country are collecting coupons like it’s cash.

Attention to the coupon game peaked when couponing hit reality TV with Extreme Couponing.  The show followed a few extreme couponers as they dumpster dive, clip, and collect coupons at a frenzied pace.  The savings these couponers are able to achieve are astonishing but they do come with a price.  Saving hundreds of dollars a month with coupons takes time, patience, and some organization skills.

Saving big with coupons can be done but it is getting harder.  With the increase in coupon redemption’s, the amount of coupons being offered by manufacturers and retailers has decresed.  The decrease comes for a number of reasons.  For retailers, simply keeping shelves stocked becomes a bit of nuisance when a few coupon shoppers come through the checkout lines with an overloaded cart of cereal boxes or gaterades.  The number one reason for the decline, of course, is money.  Coupons can be a great marketing tool to pick up some new loyal customers when companies launch a new product or want to go head-to-head against a competitor with a similar product.  The marketing strategy is often effective, but when coupon shoppers go extreme, the manufacturers lose money.  And when that happens too often then your bound to see something change.

With that said, I’m sure you’ve already found that finding coupons in newspapers or even on line is getting harder and harder.  When you find a good resource, hand on to it.  There are still some good sources out there.  There are still many bloggers  willing to doing the leg work and research for you.  I’ll list a few here on the site from time to time when I come across them.  Here’s one for today.

Frugal Dad
The Frugal Dad offers helpful insights on coupons, careers, and money.  It’s a pretty good blog and it has been featured on several big name sources including Kiplinger, Business Week, Daily Finance, PCMag.com, Fast Company, Tree Hugger, Mashable, Business Insider, and The New York Times.  That list speaks to the quality of the Frugal Dad blog.  The find some pretty nice offers hear and there.  Target is a favorite topic on the blog and it has a pretty good promo availble right now: target.com promo code

Hope this helps all you frugal minded shoppers out there.  Let me know if you have some other good resources to share.

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