What is an Au Pair and should I use one?

aupair are young people from almost every country in the world, who come over to the United States to work as in-home family caretakers. A typical stay for an Au Pair is either 6 months, 9 months, or a full year long. In that time, the Au Pair will basically act as a member of the family, joining them for most meals and activities, with the added function of taking care of and watching after the children of their host family.

Au Pairs are fantastic additions to almost any household, as they not only perform the services of a dedicated babysitter or nanny, but they also add a level of culture to the household that would not exist otherwise. Also, the children of the family are able to bond much more with an Au Pair who is living in the household full time, allowing them to learn about adults from an adult that isn’t their parents, as well as learn a new culture. Children always learn more when they have more one on one attention, which is exactly what an Au Pair provides.

Au Pairs typically do very well in families with multiple children and a slightly hectic schedule. When the parents in a family unit both have jobs and cannot be home to look after their kids, but want them to be well looked after, an Au Pair is the perfect solution. Plus, bringing an Au Pair into the family is almost like adding a nanny, a cook, a driver and a close friend all in one. Every family can always use an extra hand around the house and an extra pair of eyes watching over children can be invaluable as well. An Au Pair is the perfect addition to any busy, happy family and can benefit everyone in that relationship immensely.

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