What Teachers Wish Parents Would Do

The National PTA has learned what teachers across the country would like to see the parents of their students do to stay involved and help with the educational process. Here is what they found.

– Stay involved. Just staying involved is the first and most important thing you can do. This lets the child know that education is important and it keeps the lines of communication between a parent and teacher open.

– Make learning at home convenient. Have books and educational magazines available and easy to access. Don’t be afraid to purchase a few educational videos. Wildlife and history videos can be surprisingly entertaining for young children.

– Children look up to their parents and naturally want to emulate what they do. So read! And let them see you read as well as read to them. Keep a close eye on the amount of time is spent watching television and playing video games.

– Pay attention to factors outside of the classroom that may affect their performance in the classroom. Jobs and extracurricular activities can be extremely positive in a child’s life but can also drain them.

– Support your child’s school and their rules and guidelines. And if you have concerns about the rules, get involved. Voice your opinion in an appropriate way but never undermine or show disrespect.

– If you think there is a problem of any kind in the classroom, let the teacher know. The earlier you call the easier it will be to resolve any issues the arise.

– Take responsibility as the parent. Do not leave it up to the teacher to raise your child, teach them self-respect or respect for others. Make sure you are doing a good job of that at home and it will be reflected in the classroom. And that will make it much easier for the teacher to focus on education.

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