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Guideline For Computer Games.

It’s no secret we live in a very technological world. Children of this generation are far more computer savy than we ever were at their age. I am no longer shocked that a five year old can navigate a computer or an Ipad. I am not shocked, but I am a little frightened about what… Read more »

Clean Online Gaming For Kids


O.k. I’m going to come out and confess that as a mother of 3 young kids I am not a gamer.  I don’t know what the most popular games are.  I don’t know what games are fun for the different age groups. No surprise right? But I do have an interest on this topic because my oldest… Read more »

iPad In The Kitchen

This guest post from Werner Rogers I love my iPad. My husband thought that it was ridiculous when I insisted on getting an iPad and clear joliet. I already have a macbook, desktop mac, and a kindle. He insisted that I didn’t need an iPad. Well, it has been the best purchase that I have… Read more »