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Are Vaccines Safe?

Recent debates concerning child vaccines have led to a growing trend of parents opting not to immunize their children. Several organizations have been in the public questioning the safety of vaccines. One such group, the National Vaccine Information Center, sites several horror stories of child immunizations that went wrong. Like a seven year old boy… Read more »

The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is also called involuntary smoking, passive smoking, and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Secondhand smoke takes place in two ways. There is “sidestream” smoke, which comes from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. And there is “mainstream” smoke, which is exhaled by a smoker. A recent study by the American Heart… Read more »

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

When you understand that everything that you take into your body while you are pregnant will affect your baby in some way, it becomes very clear that drinking alcohol of any kind is a huge risk. Some mothers rationalize saying that they will drink less, quite after the first few months of pregnancy, or that… Read more »

The Dangers of Sunshine

The summer months have arrived and everyone is headed outdoors. Getting outside and enjoying the sun is a good idea and has its benefits. We get vitamin D from the sunlight which helps prevent heart disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and boosts the immune system. Ten minutes of sunlight a day will give us the… Read more »

Child-Proof Your Home

Over three million children visit the emergency room each year from injuries received in their own home. When parents think of keeping their children healthy and safe, they often think of preventing sickness and illness, but in fact more children die each year from home related injuries than from illness. Here are some things to… Read more »