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When Might Your Family Need An Attorney?

Hopefully the answer to this question for your family is NEVER. But for the average family in America, there will come a point in your life when you will need the services of a trusted attorney.  There a wide variety of reasons that a family may end up needing to hire an attorney and it… Read more »

Child Identity Theft: 3 Things to look for

In the past few years, the number of identity theft protection companies offering you their services have been steadily rising, and with good reason.  Criminals are becoming more confident at stealing your hard earned money without the risk of confrontation.  They no longer have to pick your pocket, look over your shoulder at the ATM, or… Read more »

Where Have All The Coupons Gone?

Since the financial crisis started to really hit this country hard in 2008 the number of consumers taking advantage of coupons has been on the rise.  Frugal minded shoppers across the country are collecting coupons like it’s cash. Attention to the coupon game peaked when couponing hit reality TV with Extreme Couponing.  The show followed… Read more »

3 Things To Stay On Top Of

When it comes to family finances and keeping a house hold running smoothly through all of the certain chaos that emerges from day-to-day, there are 3 things you will want to stay on top of. Quick Guide: Budget – Just do it. Income – Keep it coming. Credit – Check your credit report 1. Budget… Read more »