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Finding Help for Children with Dyslexia


Parents watching their child with dyslexia fall further and further behind in school often feel helpless especially before a diagnosis provides an answer for what is wrong. Yet a diagnosis is not a solution and without a proper plan in place which provides an intervention parents are left continuing to feel the pain of their… Read more »

Shoud I Go Back To College?

Many parents end up asking themselves this question at some point in there lives.  For some, they want to go back for financial reasons looking to improve their current employment situation or improve their chances of securing employment.  For others, the motivation comes from a passion to be part of a organization or to contribute… Read more »

Saving for your kids tuition

The cost of college tuition is already off the charts and rising.  I am beginning to wonder if it is even possible for a student to work and pay for their tuition while they are attending school.  In today’s world it is basically impossible when you consider the following costs: Rent Food Tuition Books That’s… Read more »

What Teachers Wish Parents Would Do

The National PTA has learned what teachers across the country would like to see the parents of their students do to stay involved and help with the educational process. Here is what they found. – Stay involved. Just staying involved is the first and most important thing you can do. This lets the child know… Read more »

Help Kids Retain and Learn this Summer

Summer Learning – Help kids retain and learn this summer For most students, summer is a time to play and take a break from school. This is why learning tends to slide during the summer. Research shows that students that have a long summer vacation lose several months worth of learning. Spending a little bit… Read more »