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Follow Logic Not Fads


When it comes to staying healthy and fit we should follow this simple slogan, “Follow Logic, Not Fads”. Staying fit and maintaining a desirable weight has long been ruled by celebrity endorsed fad diets and workouts. However, logic tells us that paying closer attention to what we eat and how much we eat along with… Read more »

Finding Help for Children with Dyslexia


Parents watching their child with dyslexia fall further and further behind in school often feel helpless especially before a diagnosis provides an answer for what is wrong. Yet a diagnosis is not a solution and without a proper plan in place which provides an intervention parents are left continuing to feel the pain of their… Read more »

Choosing Health Insurance For Kids


When searching for a health insurance provider for your children there is a lot to consider. There are so many different companies and options you need to research carefully. Here are five tips to help you pick the right insurance. 1) Consider The Pediatrician – If you have a doctor you want to keep seeing… Read more »

What is an Au Pair and should I use one?


are young people from almost every country in the world, who come over to the United States to work as in-home family caretakers. A typical stay for an Au Pair is either 6 months, 9 months, or a full year long. In that time, the Au Pair will basically act as a member of the… Read more »

Choosing The Right Family Car

family- arriving

For most people, nothing is more important than family. To show our families that they are the first priorities in our lives, we tend to their every need. We want to do the best for our loved ones, and we always want the best for them. If you are looking for a vehicle that the… Read more »