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The Link Between Food Allergies And Childrens Behavior Is Real And Should Never Be Overlooked


Trying to determine the source of behavioral problems in children can become rather confusing as well as frustrating. There is a plethora of information available so researching this subject can be an overwhelming task. Seeking the guidance of a pediatrician about a child’s diet and the relationship it has to a child’s behavior is the… Read more »

Medical Marijuana Debate Continues

The debate over medical marijuana continues. For years now, many have tried to make the argument that legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to our society. Do you agree with what this info graphic states? Let us know you thoughts. Via: We Grow Store

Guideline For Computer Games.

It’s no secret we live in a very technological world. Children of this generation are far more computer savy than we ever were at their age. I am no longer shocked that a five year old can navigate a computer or an Ipad. I am not shocked, but I am a little frightened about what… Read more »

Shoud I Go Back To College?

Many parents end up asking themselves this question at some point in there lives.  For some, they want to go back for financial reasons looking to improve their current employment situation or improve their chances of securing employment.  For others, the motivation comes from a passion to be part of a organization or to contribute… Read more »

5 Other Things To See In London

As the capital of England, London has long been a central figure in western world.  With stories of knights, castles, and princesses it has a rich history that seems to find a place in all of our imaginations somewhere.  With such majestic tradition and heritage it’s no wonder that London is a favorite place to… Read more »