Teaching Kids How to Garden

Teaching children to garden will not only teach them a new skill, but will also help them get acquainted with fruits and vegetables. They may even develop a liking for those “green” ones. Gardening will also help children discover some new fruits and vegetables that they have never heard of before.

Here are a few suggestions to involve your kids in gardening:

1. Let your child be involved in the decision making process of where to put the garden. This will give you an opportunity to educate them on what plants need to survive, including good soil, water and sun.

2. Provide your child with his own space . This can be anything from a a plastic cup in the window sill to a few container pots on the porch to a plot in yor yard. This allows them to develop a sense of responsibility.

3. If you grow fruits and vegetables, prepare a side dish or a meal from the foods you grow, and then serve them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can make a fruit smoothie, pizza, salad, soups and many other things. This will show children that things from the garden are not only good for you, but actually taste good too.

4. Plant things that grow fast and produce a quick result for them to see. Some examples of seeds that grow fast include pumpkins, cucumbers, radishes, zucchinnis, tomatoes and beans. If you choose to plant flowers, choose seeds that produce a colorful, bold flower.

5. Try planting plants that please the senses. There are many varieties that have have rich aromas to them, including lemon and mint scents. Plants with texture appeal to the sense of touch, such as fuzzy plants.

Gardening is a great tool for children. It will help them learn many things about nature, nurture, and responsibility. Remember to keep it simple, and have fun with it, and most of all keep your children involved.

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