Allergy Reief

Mold spores, dust mites, pollen, pet dander. Do these sound like things you would want in your home? Most of us would be surprised to know how much “indoor pollution” is really in our homes. And it can be an even bigger problem if anyone in your family has allergies or asthma. The solution to these indoor pollutants… a HEPA filter. Funny name, but it just might bring some much needed relief. HEPA stand for high-efficiency particulate air. The most effective hepa filters can clean over %99 of the microscopic particles in your home resulting in cleaner air in your home.  Hepa filters range in price, size and capability, so do your research before purchasing your filter. You will also want to consider where you spend most of your time and purchase a hepa filter appropriate for that room size.

So how does a hepa filter work?  Air is pushed through a fine mesh which traps the harmful products in the air. They must be pretty effective. To prevent dangerous radio active particles from escaping out of labratories, the hepa filter was invented. Today they are evem used in hospitals where rooms need to be kept really clean.  Hepa filters help clean the air, but there are other things to consider when trying to relieve allergies.

  • Consider removing the carpet in your home. They are a trap for all sorts of tiny particles.
  • Let fresh air into your  home, excpet when pollen counts are high.
  • Keep your pets outdoors if they aggrevate you allergies.
  • Vacuum and dust as often as you can.
  • Put plastic covers over your pillows and mattreses
  • Don’t smoke.

The best research you can do is to ask someone who has used a hepa filter and get their advice. I’m sure you will find taht they have seen a significant improvment from their allergy symptoms after using a hepa filter.


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