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Invisalign VS Braces For Kids

By now you have probably seen or heard of Invisalign orthodontist products.  They are the thin clear aligners that look like a really thin mouth guard.  The are an alternative to traditional fixed braces. These new Invisalign aligners are becoming more and more popular for a handfull of reasons. They are clear.  They just don’t… Read more »

Clean Online Gaming For Kids


O.k. I’m going to come out and confess that as a mother of 3 young kids I am not a gamer.  I don’t know what the most popular games are.  I don’t know what games are fun for the different age groups. No surprise right? But I do have an interest on this topic because my oldest… Read more »

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Skuut Balance Bike

Fear of falling off is what prevents many children from learning to ride a bike. With the Skuut Balance Bike, however, there is no fear of falling. Toddlers can learn to ride by balancing on two wheels while using their feet to propel the bike forward. There are no traditional pedals, and children feel securely… Read more »

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Sometimes in life, simpler really is better. This sentiment especially rings true when talking about toys. Parents have always noticed that their kids play just as happily with a cardboard box or a saucepan and a wooden spoon as they do with expensive and complicated toys. In fact, the wise parent is one who realizes… Read more »

Smart Gear Balance Bike

Smart Gear Balance Bike

An educated consumer is a good company’s best friend. When a consumer takes the time to research options, evaluate opinions, and weigh cost versus benefit, good companies always win. Smart Gear Balance Bikes are no different. If you know anything at all about toddler balance bikes, you already know you want one. Once you learn… Read more »